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Physical inner power, agility, focus, and balance are essential for our daily lives, and all these are developed through the AGILE PHYSICAL TRAINING.

As a Yogi, an acrobate, and as a professional dancer, I use my 40 years acquired skills to teach adults with different sports backgrounds, and experience, how to develop and maintain their optimum body-mind condition:

To achieve best and lasting results, the training is :

  1. 45 minutes of cardio - agility - inner power session (Upon client’s wish and needs, acrobatic exercises can be also introduced)

  2. 35 minutes of inner fasciae work, and special focus on individual core strength, and flexibility

  3. 10 Calming down and healing massage

  4. Flexbile schedule

  5. Total cost: 100 euro.

  6. Booking:          dorit 0648700549  


The training is suitable for any body condition.

For Private yoga and healing:

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