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Practitioners Impressions

Following my June 2017 reterat together with Anna, I am happy to share with you impressions from the practitioners experiences

"Menorca's retreat has represented for me: 


1) The discovery of the inner me, of my deepest feelings and thoughts, and their acceptance as truly genuine and necessary to achieve my whole peace.


2) An exceptionally close interaction (and feeling of identification) with people with a caring heart, sincerely genuine, human and emotional.


3) Beautiful nature, great food. And wise, professional and inspirational teachers who continuously made each member of the group feel as an essential part of such an amazing experience, and able to awaken the need to keep forever the calm retreat mindset in all aspects of life."     (Maria Rodriguez)


"An exploration to the essence of my everyday life through yoga and meditation.

Surrounded by a welcoming simple lifestyle and the presence of 24-7 nature, I felt skillfully guided by Dorit and Anna. An intensive and harmonious week in which I learned a lot, met new friends and came home with so much more valuables." (Johanna)

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